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Commercial Services
Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd provides a full range of Commercial Cleaning Services as well as various Office Cleaning Services. We know that your staff are happier and more productive when they are working in a clean environment. We also know that your customers may not come to your business because they heard it was clean, but they may stop coming if they see that it is dirty. We provide all types Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services for all types of offices and businesses. We are experts in Commercial Cleaning. Our Commercial Cleaning Services team regularly provide office cleaning, bank cleaning, restaurant cleaning, pub cleaning, fitness centre cleaning, industrial cleaning and retail store & grocery store cleaning to name a few.
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Retail Cleaning
Cleaning can be dangerous. Between wet, slippery floors and potentially dangerous chemicals, there are many opportunities for untrained workers to do damage to themselves and others, all because they don’t have the know-how necessary to do the job safely.

Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd offers intensive training to our workers, ensuring that they are fully apprised of the safest way to complete any job they’re requested to do. In addition to performing the work safely, when retail stores hire Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd, they’re protecting themselves from financial harm should an unfortunate accident occur. We have proper insurance coverage so that if someone is injured while cleaning your retail establishment, you won’t be liable for expensive medical bills.
Office Cleaning
Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd is your best ally for neatness in your office. We are experienced office cleaners with experience in commercial office cleaning. Our wide range of office cleaning services include steam cleaning, floor waxing, duct cleaning, and more! Let Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd clean your carpets, glass doors, restrooms, or cafeteria. Try Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd’s commercial office cleaning services and enjoy excellent quality service at a fair price.

We make sure your office becomes a haven of wellness as we use eco-friendly products for your employees to breathe pure air free of any hazardous chemicals. When one first encounters a company, they get their very first impression from the overall cleanliness of your premises. Shiny tiles, neat glass doors, non-greasy door handles, or sparkling clean meeting rooms are a must when it comes to office display. Office cleaning done the Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd way will make your corporate brand even brighter. Give your employees, customers, and partners spotless premises to work in multiple hours a day.
Bank Cleaning

Financial institutions want their customers to know that they can trust them with their money. If your building is not well kept, why would your customers think their money would be? Earn your customers’ trust with Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd’s expert bank cleaning services.

Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd will make sure your lobby stays clean, your windows are sparkling, and your employee areas are just as immaculate. We help you maintain the professional image your institution desires for an affordable price.

Grocery Stores
For retail and grocery stores, the difference between a clean environment and a dirty one could be the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer.

No matter how fresh the produce or how great the service, if customers find dirty floors and restrooms in your store, it will taint their perception of your brand. People want to shop in a clean environment because it’s a reflection of your business. If you don’t care enough about keeping the store clean, how concerned are you about your products?

The overall appearance of a business that’s open to the public is crucial for making a good, lasting impression on customers, and this is especially true in retail, as people may be put off entering your shop or making a purchase if it is unclean. Customers feel safer, their confidence in you is higher, and your sales are enhanced by a well-kept enterprise.
Good and quality Service thanks, you did great work for the Post Construction Cleaning. Thank you!
Girmay B.
You guys cleaned the carpet amazing!
Teklit T.
Great cleaning service and good value. Highly recommended!
Reginald B.
One Call Cleans It All!