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Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning
Living in an apartment building can contribute to more dust accumulation and poorer air quality than traditional homes due to centralized, shared ventilation systems. Because of this, finding an apartment cleaning service that can adequately remove irritants and harmful particles from the air can help ensure that your home is healthy and safe. Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd’s specialized condo cleaning methods accomplish just that, with natural cleaning products that leave behind zero toxins, chemical residues or odors.
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Condo Cleaning
We start with a thorough detail-clean throughout your apartment or condo over the course of the first two cleans. On the first clean, our apartment cleaners will thoroughly clean and sanitize your apartment, with special attention on your kitchen and bathrooms. On the second apartment cleaning session, we’ll clean your entire apartment; however, this time, we’ll provide detail-clean services in your sleeping and living areas. We’ll continue to maintain this detail-clean level throughout your apartment throughout our next visits by providing deep cleaning services on a rotating basis. Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd provides non-toxic carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning for your apartment or condo with products that are safe for you and the environment. We don’t believe that responsibility or safety should come at the expense of quality.

We will proudly put our cleaning products up against any of our competitors who use harsh or harmful chemicals. Our results and happy clients speak for themselves.
Working With Management
Property management cleaning services are very important to property managers since it reflects the image of the overall asset. Whether it’s an apartment building,  condo complex or townhome, cleanliness is critical. The quality and consistency of the services need to be performed by a reliable property cleaning company with the know-how and experience to meet any challenge. Our aim is to eliminate any complaints and maintain a strong rapport with both the tenant and the property manager. It is incumbent for a property management company to hire a qualified and established cleaning service vendor. In the end, it will ultimately be a mutually beneficial association for all parties concerned.

Property managers and landlords need to make sure that they have hired reliable property management cleaning services in order to keep their property attractive to potential clients. It is important to keep a vacant space clean and presentable at all times since you never know when there will be a last-minute walk through with a potential tenant. Complete Care understands the value of an ‘always clean’ property and can help ensure that your managed property is always presented in its best possible light. Call us today to learn how we can help keep your managed property clean and inviting!
Common Areas
Common area cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning stairwells
  • Cleaning entrances
  • Cleaning lobbies
  • Cleaning lifts & kitchen areas
  • Cleaning washrooms and toilets
  • Tidying up bin areas
  • Clean and polish doors
  • Clean switches and plugs
  • Clean glasses and mirrors
  • Dusting walls & bench tops
  • Sweep outside areas
  • Remove chewing gum
  • Vacuum all floors and wet mop hard floors

Common area cleaning can be carried out on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and be provided as a contract service or a one-off service, we don’t mind either way. No matter how often you would require a visit, we will make sure your common area is clean and welcoming as possible.
Garage Cleaning

Are you jealous of a clean garage? You know the type we are talking about. You drive by a house with the garage door open and it’s absolutely spotless! There are shelves lining the walls, all neatly stacked with bins. There’s a well-organized workbench. There might even be a car parked in there, with ample room on both sides! Seeing what a clean, junk-free garage looks like, you might come back to your own garage and want to just shut the doors. Instead of hiding from your clutter, why not call Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd for a total garage clean out?

A garage cleanout is much more than just removing junk and sweeping – our professionally trained junk removal team will handle all the labor, loading, hauling away, organizing, disposal, and recycling of your items too! All you have to do is tell us how you want your garage to look or point to the items you need removed or re-located and we will handle all the heavy lifting and hauling away. We’ll clean up your garage and get rid of all the unwanted clutter lying around so that you can reclaim the space in your garage and start parking your car where it belongs. For a free estimate into your next garage cleanout, call the pros at Dinah Cleaning Services Ltd today.

Small Landscaping
The curb appeal of a well-maintained green space is just as important to renters as it is to homeowners. Much like a homeowner’s yard creating the first impression of a welcoming atmosphere, the grounds of an apartment complex sets the tone of warmth and safety for potential and current tenants. Making sure renters feel at home with manicured lawns, trees, and shrubs is an important part of creating a happy home for tenants and a better business for landlords.
Good and quality Service thanks, you did great work for the Post Construction Cleaning. Thank you!
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Great cleaning service and good value. Highly recommended!
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One Call Cleans It All!